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What does Mokonakiya, Cataclysm, Linaslayer & Unemployment rate have in Common?

Ok. I gonna continue with the blog ranting here. And since I am doing this through email, don’t expect proper grammar and spelling tho.

So I already announce the end of Mokonakiya’s journey (Mokonakiya is my Hunter toon name in WOW US Gorggonash Server), because I am too cheap to pay for the upcoming  (ok. I knew I spell Cataclysm wrongly)

I am starting over a new Mage character in a WOW TW server name “Angry Messager”, (pinyin: Fen Nu Shi Zhe). I name the mage: “Linaslayer”, courtesy of the Linaslayer in the DOTA (Defense of the Ancient Art), which in turn rip off the character from a Japanese manga. Linaslayer, also known as Lina Inverse is the super duper fire mage, with a signature and trademark “Laguna blade” (the DOTA version). It is more like a phew phew, I shoot u died kind of ultimate. Dealing XXX amount of damage, pretty scary right? No, mage are not getting Laguna Blade in Cataclysm, Blizzard don’t feel like ripping off new skill from DOTA, but fire tree do get a lot of love from Blizzard. No Laguna blade? No fret, we get the most imbalance, overpower skill in Catalysm: – “PORTAL ”. Ok, portal is not new for mages, but it’s like PORTAL 2.0 or IPHONE4 this time round.

Since there will be no longer portal at those hubs (E.g. Shatt & Dalaran), when come Cataclysm, if the mages decided to perform strike (much like what happened recently in real life Spain and some part of Europe), it will massively disrupt the travelling flow of the game. Blizzard need to provide more jobs for mages so that they able to lower down the unemployment rate. Don’t mess with Mages. We control the food supply of “sheep”, we control the population of “penguin” from extinction, we act like fire fighter, we can extinguish fire by using our water elemental. Still, we need more job, the unemployment rate for mages is the highest since WOW Vanilla due to the resent economic downturn result from the real estate bubble (not the pally version), hence, give us – mages more work, and less qq.

Signing off.

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