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Guild Newsletter 1

Cataclysm is around the corner, and there are plenty for everyone to work on, for those, not aware, patch 4.03 is coming, most probably next week (second week of oct 10), and cataclysm most likely to land somewhere around December 2010.

Please prepare yourself for cataclysm,

1) max your main character to level 80

Patch 4.03 will allow player to test the new cataclysm talent and numerous features, e.g. in game power aura etc. The ability to reach level 80 will allow more testing on what class we gonna focus in cataclysm. Worst case scenario, would expect the player to get its toon to level 80 before cataclysm.

2) save some gold for future use

Cataclysm will see more profession work, numerous new gears, and require plenty of new enchanting to ensure player remain competitive, on the investment front, save some gold now, and you may stand to ride the numerous gold earning opportunities when cata hits.

3) save badges (triumph, frost, wintergrasp etc)

Badges will allow players to covert justice point in cataclysm, justice points will in turn allow players to obtain pvp and pve gears / weapons, there are technically 2 ways to save up badges now:

a) Halt/ stop on spending them, you keep all that u earned, enough said.

b) You spend what u need to gear up yourself, to allow you to sneak into those ICC 10, ICC 25, VOA 10, VOA 25, and earn more badges in return. Do bear in mind that, alot of pug, or guilds already halt / slow down their raiding, do consider the risk and return with the method.

Both methods come with heavy opportunity cost, but the objective is simple, gather as much badges as you can, and you stand a chance to get a head start when the new expansion hit.

For cataclysm currency converter, see here

For more information, check out coffeenottea.wordpress.com

Feel free to leave a comment.

Edit1: Include wintergrasp mark in badges to save

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