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Guild Newsletter 5

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We are having a guild advertisement at the Lowyat.net.

I have been playing wow for the past 3 years started off in US server Gorgonnash Horde side, finally decided to start off new journey with a bunch of friends in the taiwan server – 憤怒使者 – Alliance side, 3 months ago, and we made a guild with players mainly from Malaysia. Singapore players are welcome too.

So far, we have 18 Level 80’s, as well as half dozen of leveler at the level range of 70 – 80.

Players consist of Vanilla veteran, BC old schooler, WOTLK achiever to a great numbers of newly recruit

The guild is pretty much PVP as well PVE oriented.

We are preparing for the upcoming Catacylsm, and would like to invite you to join our exciting journey.

Note: 憤怒使者 is a PVP server.

Also, here’s a few pointers on the benefits of playing over the Taiwan server as compare with the US server.

1) There is no need to pay for the CD key, if u are new to WOW and would like to join the party, there is no entry cost at all, you just need to go over http://www.wowtaiwan.com.tw/ to register yourself for the trial and start off with 10 days free trial. Once that, you can purchase monthly card, or points card for the game time. Or if u interested for some fast leveling with free experience gain throughout the leveling process, you can get us to sent u a recruit a friend ticket so u can profit from it. (For Recruit a friend, see here = https://signup.wowtaiwan.com.tw/action/2009…iend/index.asp)

Note, contrast to US server, in order to play, u need to purchase each of the CD key, WOW Classic, WOW Burning Crusade, WOTLK as well as the coming Cataclysm, which will cost you at least Rm500 to do so.

2) There is also two type of points card for game time in WOW taiwan, one is for monthly, which is RM52 a month, unlimited access, and the other one is RM18 for 18 hours of game time, if u are busy and kind of a casual player, you can then opt for the RM18 game card

3) Latency, as we all know, due to the proximity of our country with the US server, Malaysia players always suffer from delay, spike or lagging when playing with US server. Even with the help of tunneling services, which most them require additional cost, the latency after tunneling will be mostly around 400++.

However, with the taiwan server, the latency sustain at around 250++, without tunneling. It will be even lower if u obtain tunneling services.

We all aware of how vital is the upkeep of latency for gaming, latency issues, provide addtional difficulties for wow players to fully maximize their potential in the form of arena’s as well as raiding.

4) Everything in the taiwan server is the same as the US counterpart except for mostly 1 or 2 days delay in patching new contents or fixes

5) Also, it is a common, mis conception that players in taiwan server is least superior compare to the US counterpart, imo, alot of great players plays in Taiwan server, giving examples such as, Unmercy the rogue, Gameking the mage, they both have accounts in the taiwan server.

6) There is actually ways to play on English client on Taiwan server (questing text etc with English). Hence, even if you have trouble to converse in mandarin generally or having difficulties understanding the mandarin words, you can always opt for this option.

Last but not least,i would like to say thank you for reading through my wall of text, i hope it is enjoyable for u and do sent me mails if you interested in more details or simply leave a reply in this thread.

Thank you.


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