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UOA, exclusive Setapak Green project (Part II)

UOA Setapak Green Summary for Page 21 to Page 40

In post #402, kh8668 posted an article dated 21/10/2010 from Bernama, said that there is still a long way to reach property bubble in Malaysia, according to Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Wira Chor Chee Heung.

UOA pre-launched without doing preparation. Even worst when they take the bangsar south design as SG. All this just because they want to compete with 288. So, you think this is what a “reputable” company suppose to perform? I’m disappointed.

UOA was doing quite good. But, this time UOA is lousy. (mature in post #412 )

The only way for UOA to win back their reputation is to delivery a good quality product. (webby88 in post #414)

carlhoe, a member of UOA commented he gave up booking in SG and voted to 288. “UOA has been rushing to compete with 288 and what they said to buyer is just too fantastic while might not be able to deliver at last (remember all drawing and spec with price is subjected to be changed). Somemore their design is too conservative and sure might be able to deliver same spec as bangsar south residency.” (post #416)

mature complained about UOA. “understand good contractor is not exact equvalent to good developer. but what kp deliver so far is good interms of package given (design/material/..) and SINCERITY. another hand, what uoa deliver so far is bad. uoa failed to deliver sincerity which is the most important in doing any business. the purpose of launching is just to compete with 288 so that they can earn more $$. i know nothing wrong to earn $$, but always need to consider buyer benefits as FIRST PRIORITY.” (post #418)

carlhoe in post #422 & 423, shared his/her bad experience about UOA

webby88 in post #424, touched on the subject of opportunity cost.

hidden830726 in post #425, further webby88 comment about opportunity cost, he said: “I believe we have to take responsibility to our own decisions made, if u decided to wait out for SG but turn out, missing out on 288, we have our self to question. The uncertainties and opportunities cost is part of the risk that we have to bear.”

In post #430, webby88 brought up the issue of Condominium vs apartment, on whether Setapak Green Condominium or Setapak Green apartment.

hidden830726 in post #433, commented that it is not always the more facilities the better, due to the additional cost of keeping up the facilities. kh8668 in post #435 concured with what hidden830726 said. “the more facilities you get, the more you need to pay to maintain those facilities. not main main, you will be paid alot to maintain them, otherwise, they will be eyesore and can affected the entire condominium..Prefer UOA provide basic facilities will do.”

webby88 in post #438, suggested that the more facilities, it fetch better rental.

webby88 in post #440, share his/her read of The Edge, “UOA in the article about Bangsar South, makes reference to Setapak Green and Plaza Prima as apartment projects while, Prima Setapak and Prima Setapak II, Bangsar South Park Residence as Condo projects. So just wonder how UOA classify Condos and Apartments. Wonder what to expect on the specs now.” The article see here: http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=1584595&view=findpost&p=37271606

webby88 in post #455, clarified: “Letter of invitation just state Setapak Green project. Letter from Stakeholder, states Setapak Green Condominium. The Edge states Setapak Green is apartment just like Plaza Prima, but Prima Setapak and Prima Setapak II are condos. I cannot believe this is happening to a reputable company like UOA.”

hidden830726 in post #462, send email to UOA for clarification on Setapak Green Condo or Apartments.

SETAPAK GREEN by UOA GROUP. Our site Property Office will be opened from Oct 28, open daily from 10am – 5pm. (post #467)

iceman5432 in post #467, confirmed with UOA that OCBC is not the project panel bank

hidden830726 in post #492, have yet to receive the reply from UOA on the condo / apartment query. “I have automation reply, saying that it takes 2 working days and its now already the third day. I am un-convince with their ability to fullfill promises. Why give a time frame, if you are not intend to abide to it anyway? I will post the full email here, when i got the time somewhere this evening.”

hidden830726 in post #513, posted out the email to UOA and its UOA auto generated reply. “Thank you for your email. Please note that this is an Automated Reply to acknowledge that we have received your email and hence, it should not be viewed as an answer to your enquiry. Your feedback is important to us and rest assured that you will hear from us again within two (2) working days.”

carlhoe in post #519, suggested that the reason he/she give up on SG and opt for 288 due to:

“coz the lower capital cost in 288 and can think of other investment in other places. Lower DP, higehr selling price, not like SG just give 7+1 to member (lower price stated in S&P) and our selling price later is lower. Bear in mind that appreciation value is based on the buying price in S&P. Somemore, i trust in firmer paper (not just told by paper without confirmation)
i dislike those planning keep on changing and a bit dissapointed with them in my previous project from them.”

cybertechmkteo in post #521, confirmed on size change for the units after visiting the preview @ site office.

webby88 in post #530, questioned SG carpark plaza have any lift serving the 6 or 7 floors? If no lift, then will be like walk up flats to fetch the car.

babylabbit in post#555, clarified: “as far as i remember the price will increase when the size is increase….”

fortuner in post#557, shared: “Firstly, SG buyers should note that the so-called green area may not be permanent. I asked at their site office today and the saleman was very evasive. he just said that if they want to build something on the green area they will have to apply to DBKL.

Sounds like a classic sell a green concept first and next time, build something else on the extra land – especialy when they can buy up the remaining 3 bungalows beside the road.

Secondly – have you guys wondered why they are rushing to take your RM10K now instead of waiting till Dec/Jan to launch their project properly? Is it because they know we are basically in a property market balloon and it will burst soon? Seems to me UOA wants to close sales before the balloon burst.”

hidden830726 in post #558, reasoned that: “Regarding the bubble, i understand the rational behind it, but i still believe the main reason why SG rush in for presale to rival 222/288 launch, since they both targeting the same target market.”

fortuner in post#559, claimed: “PV developments are the best value in Setapak area – location and price wise – but even their latest projects have become expensive.”

hidden830726 in post #562, summed up, “To me, pv is too high density, the target market of pv and sg / 288 is totally different imo, imagine the crowded pv area (shopping complex / shoplots / hospital). The pv development will help shape up setapak as an up rising township.

I want to live nearby, but not that near, that’s where 288 & Sg came in, premium living but with higher cost. I do expect better delivery from both. Although SG + 222 + 288 is kind of high density too, but i believe it will be a totally different ball game.”

fortuner in post #563, explained,

1. PV (Setapak Lake City) location is better because it is a large development – Parkson, hospital and so on will be very near. Also TAR college means rental no problem. Strategic location because can exit to many areas – MRR2, Sri Rampai/Jelatek, Gombak and of course Setapak road. SG and 288 is in a very small area with one small road leading to Gombak Road.

2. PV used to offer better value per sq feet – Phase 1 and 2 buyers made a lot of money. Phase 3 will be ready next year and there are indications of at least 30% appreciation when completed.

3. But best of all – if you want to buy any Platinum Victory property now you can forget it. I just called the office and they told me that Phase 4, Phase 5 and their shops all sold out. They have nothing left to sell for now. 100% sold out means definitely got property value appreciation in the future.

4. As for UOA’s SG – As far as I know – they took years before they could sell all the units in Prima Setapak 2 along Jalan Gombak. Why? Because the properties were so overpriced.

5. On the current SG project – 13++ sq feet is around RM470 to RM 500K for those facing KLCC view. in my view, if there were still any PV uinits left I would have bought that. But all gone! So I will just wait until I see some other projects next time.

fortuner in post #567, concured, “Setapak is a hidden gem. So close to the city but with reasonable property prices.”

mature in post #568, argued, “i dun agree that pv location is better. road distance data as below:

from 288/SG to Jln Gombak: 150m
from 288/SG to Jln Genting Klang: 350m
from 288/SG to Jln Pahang: 400m

PV8 as benchmark
from PV to Jln Gombak: 1000m
from PV to Jln Genting Klang: 1000m
from PV to MRR2: 1000m

Moreover, PV is min 5000m distance more far away from KL city center compare to 288/SG.

1. Many ppl think near to college is good for rental. Yet, if you do yr servey, TARC student average only willing to pay for RM800 per month for rental (3 rooms). therefore, this is only worth if yr condo is around 200k. But, if your condo is more than 300k, dont think u can rent for TARC student. Besides, if you experience uni life before, u will know that most of the uni student like to move from one place to another place. it is normal to see student moving for few times in the 4 years of study.

2. not only PV, recently (especially this year) other new condo also increase in price due to sorrounding new launch project keep increase in prices.

3. due to current BBB mode, everywhere also selling like hot cake. 222 also sold out 90% within 1 day.

4. Prima setapak is not over in price, in fact they are bigger unit. we should see $ per square feet, but not the price only.

5. for your information, BBB mode not only happen in PV, but all other new launch project as well.

personally i dont like pv because they are too high in volumn. i feels uncomfortable when so many ppl staying same place with u and sharing facility with u.

fortuner, revenged in post #569, SG / 288 is closer to Jalan Pahang (and the city centre). No qustions about that. But if you live around here, you will want to go to facilities around here. On that score, PV is closer to the heart of everything. parkson, JJ, Wangsa Walk, Carrefour, food stalls, futsal courts, banks etc. Also, many alternatives mean that PV owners can get to city through Jelatek etc.Prima Setapak 2 was overpriced when it was launched – very overpriced. At that time it was the most expensive property (per sq ft in Setapak.)

webby88 seriously make jokes:

1. Locality – hidden gem, so near to KL city.
2. Convenience – close enough to most amenities.
3. Density – within SG is not bad considering a land size of 4.5 acres. On a wider scale, if area under consideration from Gombak Police Station to Diamond Square and Taman P Ramlee it becomes a bit dense with a mix of high rise and bungalows. But still tolerable.
4. Accessibility – Via Gombak and Genting Klang mainly. Close to DUKE, MRR2. Not great but getting better with the expansion of Genting Klang road.
5. Pricing – A bit on the high side but if UOA can deliver the same quality or better than Park Residence, it is not bad.
6. Appreciation – Potentially Setapak area will be experiencing a value beyond RM 400 psf soon due to close proximity to the city.
7. On the negative, SG is launch haphazardly but UOA. Plans are changing, finishing, quality, size unknown. Many buyers expect UOA to deliver to expectations. Benchmark quality, at least Bangsarsouth Park Residences.
8. Another negative, No public transport plan in view such as LRT, MRT (not certain yet), KTM Commuter, Monorail.

webby88 in post #575, shared on the LRT proposals. “MRT proposal with stations at Taman Setapak, Genting Klang and Air Pansa. Here’s one by Runding Fikir. http://transitmy.files.wordpress.com/2010/…r_alignment.jpg

webby88 in post #592, claimed: “I heard 1 lift for carpark.”

carlhoe in post #636, shared his/her opinion:

1) Yes, i agreed with such facilities come in such appreciate the value in teh compound. Well, they target for lower price, able to live in high density of compound, sure different customer target in 288 and SG. Somemore, if they really rent out o tar college students, i think iw ould faint on the spot as we know those students will only downgrade those condo or their parents really have the ability to rent for their children which we have no opinion in it.

2) Think all properties will have appreciation value 20% onward, there is no doubt. just take time to look into future development somemore now just started.

3) i have viewed long time ago of PV project even phase 1,2. But once i know their project comes with such high density of units, i dun think it’s value can appreciate high like other project, thats y somemore project is selling out even expensive too.

3) Yup, i agreed the prima setapak 2 still ahve developer unit think that time is abit over price and the building is abit outdated i suppose
5) Think even facing to KLCC in 288 or SG, it might be blocked in the future.

webby88 in post #637, shared his/her opinion, ‘My opinion, for SG to sustain rm500 psf in 3 years, UOA needs to deliver something up the mark quality, good concepts, facilities and facade. If quality is far from Bangsarsouth, it will remain at rm400 psf mark which is as good as no appreciation. Today the 23A floor is already pricing at rm400+ psf after discount by UOA. I wondered what is the pricing of 288 for the similar floor? Buyers of 288, any idea?”

kh8668 in post #665, worked his/her mathematic:

roti canai 1.00
teh tarik 1.30
total 2.30

webby88 in post #682, teached us the 3C of Sales, Sales training 101:

First you try to convince your customer. If the customer is not convince, you can try to confuse them. If this still doesn’t work, you con them. The basic 3Cs of sales!

Subsequently people chat about LTV and Loan.

webby88 in post #733, replied to tengster question that: “I thought initially many people talking about overpriced. No? Yes?” and Webby88 replied : “Trouble is everywhere is overpriced. Haven’t come across a new development that is fair or underpriced. U aware of any that can share share here?”

hidden830726 in post #752, clarified: “From my knowledge, referal fees is RM2,000 and not 2%.”

webby88 in post #756, explained: “I agree that the 3 project will complete about the same time and about 1k units will come on stream in 3 years time. The digestion and consumption will probably take 6 months to a year. However, I believe in this area, quite a big percentage of buyers are upgrading in Setapak area though I do not have the statistics to support this claim. If this is true, then the 1k units will be much lower than anticipated. The pricing is at the higher end of the Setapak scale but everywhere else the new launches of condo seem to break new highs. In 3 years time, this pricing may be a good buy but now one knows the future. In addition, I think that this location in Setapak is a better being the most accessible ingress and egress and closest to KL. Traffic jams, definitely there, but being closer is slightly better than being further.”

hidden830726 in post #768, shared his view: “With SG, most speculator shy away from SG due to its uncertainties & pricey @@. I believe, most of the buyers come from group b & c, they buy for stay, most of them stay in the Setapak area. They would like to upgrade to current living quarters. Especially those hot rental properties like PS, etc.”

Discussion on floor plan. Unable to confirm, therefore, excluded from this summary.

hidden830726 in post #790, shared his read, “Planning a LRT station Danau Kota at opposite IPAC, the vacant land next to JPJ/Puspakom.”

hidden830726 in post #794, explained, “We should wait until confirmation from UOA on the fittings and spec. I expect something more luxury from UOA for its pricing. If the spec fit the pricing then it is no overprice.

Also, the expensive price tag also due to the fact that units are fairly big and therefore more expensive. If by psf, ya, its breaking the record for Setapak area, but 288 is par or close to it.

Congestion, ya definitely. But i see congestion as the side effect for prosperity. The more people, the more chances for the diamond shop lots to prosper, if u get old town or paparich there, then it will definitely boast up the pricing for the area.

Also i lived in a highly congested area at the moment. Already used to the congestion.

Also SG come with 2 car parks, the extra car parks can easily fetch additional 10 – 15k, so i’;m gonna look at it positively and wait for UOA to launch the project and announce the spec.

The spec will be the decider.”

Source: http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=1584595&view=findpost&p=37624628

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