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Back to Blog 1 – World of Warcraft Taiwan, Coffeenottea Guild

ok. This is the 1st part of the six back to blog series, that i’m gonna cover.

This post is about World of Warcraft. To simplify, the guild is now pretty establish in 憤怒使者 Wrathbringer – Alliance side. Currently level 25, with member strength of 87 level 85 and 253 toon in our guild (Last update – 07-05-2011)

The guild is probably now, self acclaim the world largest and most establish World of Warcraft – Taiwan, English support guild in the world. Ya i mean world, people from all around the world who play wow taiwan joined us. Our Guild Roster consist of players from Malaysian, Singaporean, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Canadian, Danish, French, British as well as American.

Players of the guild consist of Vanilla veteran, Burning Crusade old schooler, WOTLK achiever as well as plenty of newbie to wow.

These foreinger work in Mainland China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, and they welcome the opportunity of being able to be in a guild with English as official guild language. It’s a social game after all, nothing beat the fact that sharing your achivement (in game) with your guild mate is one of the best fun factor of the game.

Now, most of the recruiter come from three (3) sources:

1) is the guild forum thread at lowyat.net (http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?act=ST&f=96&t=1609365&st=0#entry42154824), which serve as the main source of recruitment for Malaysian players.

2) The second source is the wow-in-chinese.forum2jeux.com (http://wow-in-chinese.forum2jeux.com/t1937-wow-taiwan-24996245942035132773-wrathbringer-alliance-coffeenottea), where the guild posted an advertisement there and gather a lot of attention from foreigner, mainly those expatriates in mainland, taiwan, and HK.

3) The last source of recruitment for the guild is simply through referral from current guild mate and the guild application function / interface that Blizzard added to the game in patch 4.1.

Guild recruitment guideline? Well, there is none on paper, but a few criteria or preferences we agreed on, 1) Must be able to understand English sparingly, 2) able to communicate with basic English, above all, the third criteria overwrite everything, where 3) Referral from officer of senior guild members may allow exception to both 1) and 2) above.

The massive influx of foreigners into the guild embrace an unique culture to the guild, something that really special and something where i never experience before, even in the old US server. Now imagine u get Russian, French, Americans, Canadian etc all online and playing together, this is way more diverse than what US server can offer.

Apparent, with all the recent attention and success the guild garnered in terms of growth, i took the chance to interview many of the new joiner, and most of them found the guild through google search, where google search put us among the tops search reply for wowtaiwan, or wowtaiwan english. Many stumble across the guild’s forum post at lowyat.net and wow-Chinese forum and finally decided to move, or join us here.

The early growth fuel by the recruit a friend programme where, i’m able to get many ex wow players to return to wow and join us at wowtaiwan, this includes those non-chinese who play the game using English client, something i try to share with everyone through the forums and get people to understand that playing world of warcraft in Malaysia doesn’t need to be expensive like wow US. No more expensive Cd key and suffering from lags.  In wowtaiwan, its zero entry cost, play with English wow client and constant low latency (below 100ms) gives instant draw to these players to make a come back.

Also, newbie also take the chance to join the game, a game where they admire and envision to play but cant afford to, and now finally a way to play them in an affordable manner.

The guild still lacks progression in terms of PVE, currently 3 bosses (all last boss of respective dungeon) standing and yet to be seen any real progression to down them before the coming new patch 4.2. Not a bad achievement nonetheless, since many of the PVE players in the guild now consist of new players, and lack of options in terms of committed PVE players. Most of the guild mate choose to be casual, probably due to their work. And some, focus mainly on PVP only.

Arena wise, the highest so far, is my brother’s 5v5 teams which merely passed 2k rated then stopped due to members being inactive. Then the nest highest is probably me playing Frost DK, my brother with Affliction Lock and my friend with Holy pally running shadowcleave. We hit 2k and hopefully can climb higher before the next patch. If not, i’m content with that rating and I’m sure we can strive better next season.

The guild run no rated battleground at the moment, all plan is to start fresh next season (4.2) and to get as many members to join / farm pvp gear and progress in battleground competitively.

Oh, about me? Hmm, my main is now a DK, playing frost primarily, most likely remain frost in 4.2 inregardless of the nerf. My alternate include a mage (level 85), a hunter (level 75 – my Glyph toon), a Druid (level 52 – leveling up slowly),  a pally (level 12 – leveling for fun), another pally (level 1 – for storing) and last but not least, my mage, nickname “Airasia” (Level 1 – for Auction house purposes). Next season gonna pretty much playing DK, Mage is not my strong play, can’t seem to play it well. So, Dk is my best options.

K. thats all for World of Warcraft. I’ll keep the update continue once i get some stuff to share.


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