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Back to Blog 4 – Arsenal – Why Arsene Wenger is the perfect candidate for IMF Head

Simply four words:Massive Fallen but Optimistic

Still, in Arsena i trust. He is an arrogant bit, but i’m sure he suffered more than us (fans), look at his facial expression when the last few loses. The purple patches really put strain on him, his wrinkle getting more apparent. Some said he is getting old, but then, in my opinion, the older he is, the wiser he get. Look at Sir Alex, old and wise, i’m sure Arsene Wenger is way better than Sir Alex.

With the resignation of the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, following allegations of rape. This open up room for Arsene Wenger to run for the job. Being compatriot to French Foreign Minister Christine Lagarde, Wenger’s saving credential really makes him a clear candidates for IMF head.

Wenger will fly out to Asia with its team for pre season match, and taking chance to lobby / meet with relevant parties for votes. To support Wenger’s IMF campaign, i will attend their Exhibition game in Malaysia, vs our national team. Hopefully by then, there will be some good signing and some disposal of fringe player. BUY GERVINHO AND HAZARD.

SELL BERTNER, DENILSON, SQUALACHI, or whatever their spelling.

The upcoming season schedule also saw Wenger’s team facing Newcastle, then Liverpool and Man Utd in their 1st three EPL games, while 2 legs of Champions League games sandwiched in between Liverpool and Man UTD.

What a crucial 5 games we get there.

Buy and sell before its too late.

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