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Back to Blog 5 – Figure Collection – Expensive Hobby

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

ok, 2 words – cost alot

I started ordering, or kind of hook back into the world of figure collection, i used to be a avid Gundam collector, i cant afford those Gundam back in my school days, so, when i get into the work force, i bought myself some sturdy gundam figures, Master Grades, plenty of them and one of them Perfect grade.

Being perfect grade literally means RM750, expensive right?

Ok, so i stopped purchase these toys back then, when i felt that this hobby really burned my wallet some holes. Big holes.

Then 2 months back, i fall into the hobby once again, this time round, not Gundams but some pretty lady figures. Boa Hancock, ok, i assume you dunno who is she, she is one of the character, in the japanese hit manga, anime, One Piece. Now, sounds familiar? If no, fine. It’s a figure.

The real point is, then i bump into the released of Hot Toys jack Sparrow 12 inch figures, Iron man, Superman, by the end of the day, i preorder goods over RM2000, merely figures.

But hey, its not all spending, i look at them as a sort of investment, especially those 12 inch Hot Toys, i bet on its resell value to some gain in the future.

But hey, wait until i tell u my newest hobby, then you will understand why i kind of stop buying figures these days.