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Greentea WoW & MH! Melee & Range! Love & Beloved!

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Stopped world of warcraft for roughly one and a half month ago. Although i miss the game more than any thing else except some mortal soul i fall in love somewhere, i’ve never look back ever since. Felt tempted for the for all the new changes in wow patch 3.3, i wish i can once again take hold of my greenish orc hunter again… I want to change a new weapon… i want to try out the new explosive trap, imagine, explosive trap + frosttrap…. hot & cold… enemy dancing in the midst of desperation… Sigh.. will not be able to do that at least for another one and a half month, i may as well wait till full of 3 months break before returning, then my brother can get a month of game time free courtesy of scroll of resurrection.

My friends convinced me to try out the new taiwan release of Monster Hunter frontier, supposedly online game played just like the console version. While waiting for its official induction, i’ve been scrambling in searching for guides and videos for monster hunter, seriously, i have totally no idea of what the heck is monster hunter. Ah ha, i found some video and wiki page about MH, ha, plenty of good video. Ha, found the Taiwan MH frontier homepage, the page background music damm annoying,

In MH, u have to choose on what types of weapon for usage, instinctively i’m not gonna play range any more, because my brother qq about me being bad in kitting (in wow), so seriously i think i gonna play some melee weapon for MH this time round. After some nightless consideration, i see Gunlances as something that i wanted to try. It look so cool, with the big lance and shield.

Gunlances, also known as GL, are long, piercing weapons with a mechanism inside which can fire a blank round. Unlike Bowguns, the Gunlance cannot fire over distances; the Shelling ability can only be used from close range. The use of the weapon is largely the same as the original Lance. Like ranged weapons, Gunlances take ammo. They are able to charge up, indicated by the radiating energy at the tip of the lance, and dish out a strong explosive attack referred to as Wyvern’s Fire. (

Need more time to learn about the game play of gunlances, there’s some good video on youtube by mxc5012, gonna watch them for more understand of the whole game play.

Just wanna let this out,

Love & beloved. Obviously im in a little bit struggle with my love life there, my little love one in the middle of broking up with her boy friend and she probably need some time in healing her love wounds (seven years of couplelife). It’s time to let go for now, by her side and watch her from far. Gotta be her guardian angel for now, nothing gonna change my love for her.

lalalala. Gonna transfer for a different assignment effective 3rd of January 2010. There gonna be high expectation on me from my employer, i am honor to take up the challenge and compose to prove myself after so many years of struggle. New year 2010 resolution: New car, new house, new credit card, 3 c there…. New thinking, new way of life…. Take away “complaint” & “negative” from my vocab, POSITIVE….

Currently reading Lone Drow (The Hunter’s blade trilogy) by RA Salvatore, pretty good book, in fact i suggest his book to all the fantasy genre lover out there.. love it, pretty much all his books, although sometimes do feel a bit boring with its excessive illustration of a fight, i am continuously amazed by  many of the element in his books.

Ha, again, have been watching quite a few tv drama’s recently Battlestar Galatica (Season 2 epi 5), Frindge (Season 1 epi 5) , Merlin (Season 1 epi 7), following Gossip girl (Season 3 epi 11), Lie to me (Season 2 epi 9), Prison break (Season 4 epi 24), The vampire diaries (Season 1 epi 10), Mentalist (Season 2 epi 9), the list keep growing, maybe i really need to change my lifestyle a bit in 2010, less spending time in the house and more spending time outdoor….

Ah,,,, almost forgot… Arsenal ftw… In arsene we trust… Just watch arsenal won over liverpool at Anfield yesterday night 1 – 2 with Arshavin scoring the decisive cannon, proven as the winner. I have no words to express my feelings, it is beyond amazed with the turnaround, 1- 0 down at half time and a win by end of the game… It is very impressive indeed. Cant wait to see who will arsene spend in the coming open of transfer window, really hope that he can buy some good solid player, with hope, a trophy this season is not a dream.