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Back to Blog 3 – Leeds United – The Fallen

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Simply three words: Fail but Optimistic

There is no right or wrong in the way the team play; Frankly speaking, i hardly get any chance seeing them play beside some cup games where they play against premier league team. One notably the game they played against arsenal. All looks good, but then luck out in the end, and Leeds missed out the playoff spot with a small margin. How ironic is after Christmas, Leeds is one of the contender for automatic promotion spot. Luck out? maybe.

But now, with Ken Bates officially owned the club (im not sure why he is not previously, the ownership stuff is too complicated for me to understand), hopefully he (ken bates) can give some much needed impetus to the club.

Promotion next season. This is definitely one of the item in my wish list.


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Coffeenottea Operational – I’m back and gonna start with a BANG!

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been little more than half a year since i last blogged a post. Time really does flies. I’m started to revamp the blog a little bit this time round, giving it more content, more attention, and more updates.

As always, the blog will continue to blog about World of Warcraft, however, instead of blogging about the US server, which pretty much where i used to play. Now u probably see me quoting “used to play”. Ya i’m now playing WOW Taiwan instead. Switched to WOW Taiwan before the Cataclysm, alot of stuff and progression going on, which i’m happy to share with any reader who stumble upon this blog. Edit: yes, i covered about the switch to WOW Taiwan before i stop blogging like half a year ago. No harm mentioning again tho.

Now, beside World of Warcraft, i probably gonna start covering another up and coming exciting games by EA – Bioware, an intellectual property that we all familiar with – Drum roll…. Star Wars – The Old Republic. Now, The game is still in its early / closed beta. There is no firm release date yet. But day by day, it’s getting closer and closer to the D-day of potentially a game release that may change / revolutionize the whole MMORPG industry.

Also, as always, i will cover two of my favorite / support football team – Arsenal FC and Leeds United FC. An pretty eventful campaign for year 2010-2011, both ironically started well, but failed to impress and sustain, and the rest is disappointed.

Last but not least, i managed to zoom into 2 new hobbies, one being photography and the second being Figures collection. Well, both of this hobbies cost me fortune and i am in a difficult position to juggle priority between the two.

I’m gonna stop here for now, and i’m gonna write on each of the topics above soon. Welcome back, yup, its for me. Welcome back indeed.

Marvelous Leeds

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Leeds drew 2-2 against the so – so Tottenham hotspur, in the showdown of David vs Goliath.

To sum it up:

True drama was served up at White Hart Lane where Leeds United followed their Third Round giantkilling of Manchester United with an injury-time rescue job against Tottenham Hotspur. Jermaine Beckford first won, and then took, a 96th minute penalty that dashed Spurs’ hopes of progress. Michael Dawson’s challenge on the striker, the man who scored the goal to knock out United earlier this month, was seen by referee Alan Wiley as a foul, though not by the player himself.

Beckford had seemed to make the most of the incident and further profited by slotting the spot-kick himself, to follow the earlier equaliser he had struck at the beginning of the second half. Spurs had dominated the first half and Peter Crouch‘s strike gave them a deserved lead, Casper Ankergren also having saved a Jermain Defoe penalty early on in proceedings. Source

Again Jermaine Beckford is the hero of the day.

‘He must have nerves of steel,’ said manager Grayson. ‘It took an eternity for the referee to give the decision and there was a pause before it got sorted.

‘He showed good mental strength to finish it because he has missed a few over the past 12 months or so.

‘It shows he has confidence in his ability and over the course of the game it was something we deserved.’ Source

Danish Casper Ankergren also deserve a praise on many of his heroic act especially in the first half, including the penalty saved against Defoe,

Leeds, on course for promotion to the Championship thanks to their revival under manager Simon Grayson, do not do dull this season.

Having seen off Manchester United in sensational style in the previous round, they will have another chance to do the same to Tottenham when the sides meet again on 2 February.

Every one of their players played their part – not least keeper Casper Ankergren, whose penalty save was just one of a string of fantastic stops in the opening 20 minutes that kept Leeds in it.

Twice early on the Danish keeper’s palms were warmed as Jermain Defoe and then Niko Kranjcar fired in good efforts from range, and Ankergren then produced his best save of the night when he flung himself low to his right to keep out Defoe’s spot-kick after the striker had been felled by Michael Doyle. Source

While Patrick Kisnorbo, the Aussie, proved again to be a great shot stopper, and difficult foe to deal with, by silencing Peter Crouch and Defoe most of the game (especially second half).

82:47 Shot by Jermaine Jenas from 20 yards. Blocked by Patrick Kisnorbo. Corner taken by Luka Modric played to the near post, Neil Kilkenny makes a clearance.

19:21 Jason Crowe gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Peter Crouch. Strike on goal comes in from Niko Kranjcar from the free kick, save made by Casper Ankergren. Jermain Defoe takes a shot. Patrick Kisnorbo gets a block in.

10:45 Jermain Defoe takes a shot. Blocked by Patrick Kisnorbo. Corner taken by Gareth Bale from the right by-line, Peter Crouch produces a header from deep inside the six-yard box that clears the bar.


Note: good display by Leeds, i am thoroughly thrill watching the game, the goals we (Leeds) score are not pretty, but it is vital and who knows, when the replay set at Elland road, we might be able to win it. It reminds me of the old game under David O’leary era, maybe under Simon Grayson, that Leeds finally resurrected – good defense, energetic and full of enthusiasm. There is no loser in Leeds, still the league / promotion would have been a priority, but.. how great it can be if we can maybe advance for another round.

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Football Revolution../@1314

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment
Fran Mérida is a Spanish football.
Image via Wikipedia

Wanna write something about football, but i am probably too tired now to write lengthly, a few things on my mind:

  1. Arsenal win against Bolton the other night = relieve…. good goal from both Fabregas and Merida, Bolton look dangerous from time to time, but Arsenal looks spendid throughout the game with fabregas again, the maestro in the middle of the midfield. The midfield general is so important, which promoted tv, sports pundits to suggest Fabregas as the most vital role in the Title chase, the future of Arsenal (a bit too exagerated i think) lies with how well Arsenal able to hold on to their prize assets.
  2. Now, we talk about another Arsenal asset in the form of fran merida, merida is a very good friend of fabregas since both of them used to be roommates and training pals. Both of them from Spain and both in the same age group, They talk about football instead of porn. Now, with many rumours and talks about fran leaving arsenal going back to Spain, dishearthen me a little bit, the good thing is Arsenal got way too many midfield talent such as Arshavin, fab, Diaby, Denilson, Song, Nasri, Rosicky , Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere. The bad news is – Arsenal gonna lost a TALENTED FOOTBALLER….
  3. With Song away to ACON (African Cup of Nation), Wenger provide Eastmond a league debut in the game vs Bolton, while it is always nice to see new, young, talented, young gunners, playin their trade, i really hope to see Diaby, playing a similiear role of Viera, albeit it is a bit more defensive, but DIABY is born to pkay as Viera Shadow.. All Hail… Viera aka, the fella who always argue with the Roy “Argue all” Keane.
  4. Saw the video of Adebayor crying.. (  ok.. exaggerated here) he looks so shock with the turn of events, i wish all TOGO people all the best…
  5. The Haiti earthquake = small version of 2012, Arsenal = small champion of 2010.
  6. Oh lastly, wanna talk about jermaine beckford, stories said he gonna stay until end of the season, the good thing, he gonna stay until the end of the season,  gonna able to help Leeds for a title and promotion push. Who knows, Leeds might even beat Totenham in the coming Cup run. The not so good thing, He (Beckford) run down the contract probably not for the club,  He just want to make hismelf more money and more options..
  7. VERY SLEEPY AND WANNA SLEEP NOW, All hail Arsenal and Leeds


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    Woot! Woot! Bloody Head Kisnorbo!

    January 7, 2010 Leave a comment

    He was part of one his club’s most famous victories, but Socceroos defender Patrick Kisnorbo will have only memories and not a souvenir to take away from Leeds United’s stunning 1-0 FA Cup upset over Manchester United. Kisnorbo was outstanding in defence, dealing with United stars Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov, Ryan Giggs and Michael Owen. After the match, Kisnorbo, who played with South Melbourne in the old NSL, tried to swap his blood-spattered Leeds shirt for a Red Devils shirt. ”It was a bit of a surreal moment. You dream about these opportunities – to actually fulfil something you’ve dreamt of as a little kid, it’s fantastic,” Kisnorbo told Sky Sports Radio. ”Today I fulfilled a dream. It was a fantastic moment in my career. Source

    Leeds produced one of the biggest recent Cup upsets by knocking out 11-time winners United 1-0 with a Jermaine Beckford strike in their third-round clash at Old Trafford.

    Kisnorbo was outstanding as he kept United stars Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen quiet, despite his side now playing in the third-tier of English football.

    Aiding the central defender was fellow Australian Neil Kilkenny, who played the whole match against United’s star-studded midfield.

    The 28-year-old Kisnorbo threw himself into everything and left the field bandaged, bleeding from the head, but surely a step closer to a place in the Socceroos’ World Cup squad.

    While other fringe-dwelling Socceroos state their case in the Asian Cup qualifier against Kuwait in Qatar on Thursday (AEDT), centre-back Kisnorbo can now claim to have proved himself against top international opposition.

    He will also have another chance to do so when his side play Premier League side Tottenham in the next round.

    Spurs boast England strikers Jermaine Defoe and Peter Crouch, as well as dangerous Irish star Robbie Keane.

    Kisnorbo was quickly contacted by some of those involved in the Socceroos’ match in the Middle East, recognising his efforts.

    “I got a few texts from the Australian set-up there congratulating me which is really nice of them to be following the game,” Kisnorbo told Sydney’s Sky Sports Radio.

    “It’s a big year coming up, World Cup and all. But my main aim is to concentrate on (Leeds) and play as many games as I can, do the best I can in every game, and let the World Cup take care of itself.

    “I don’t look too far ahead. If that opportunity comes to go to the World Cup, I’ll deal with it then.”

    Kisnorbo has had an impressive season for Leeds in their march to the top of English League One.

    He has also held his own in recent Socceroos appearances, helping erase memories of his horror 2007 Asian Cup. Source

    Woot! Woot! Bloody Head!

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    Leeds legend Gray Totally Spot on, Predict the Future?

    January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

    Found this article, originated from on 02.01.10, a day before the marvelous 1 nil win against Man Utd.

    Former Leeds United coach Eddie Gray is backing Aussie Patrick Kisnorbo to handle Manchester United‘s star strikers in tomorrow’s FA Cup clash.

    Leeds go to Old Trafford for the first time in six years and Kisnorbo will come face-to-face with United stars Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov.

    But Leeds legend Gray insists:

    “I actually think that Jermaine Beckford‘s pace will cause problems for whoever plays, and you’d also fancy Richard Naylor and Patrick Kisnorbo to put up a good fight at the back.

    “They’re proper central defenders, the sort who strikers always know are on the pitch.

    “The thing about Leeds is that they score goals and they defend well.

    “That gives you a chance anywhere. It’s why I’m not expecting anything but hoping for something. Source

    Woot! Woot! MAGIC MAGIC!

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    Patrick Kisnorbo and skipper Richard Naylor epitomising with blood and guts

    January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

    Leeds win against Manchester United echoed far beyond Old Trafford. A breathtaking taste of FA Cup vintage saw Leeds’ defence under the cosh for large portions of the game with a head-bandaged Patrick Kisnorbo and skipper and boyhood Leeds fan Richard Naylor epitomising the blood and guts of their side’s performance.


    Woot Woot, Blood!

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