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MOKO’s rep RUSH – A World of Warcraft Story 3

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Last Crusader

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The rise of Moko hit a stall today, because he cant get into some icc (Icecrown Citadel) and toc Crusaders’ Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader) run that allow gear upgrade. Moko now farming for the icc ring – Ashen Band of Vengeance, working on icc reputation run, thats the only 3 upgrades that can be seen in the considerable future. Short of 1 more run for The Ashen Verdict to get to friendly…

Another coming mild upgrade = replacing Anvil of Titans with Darkmoon Card: Greatness on the coming Darkmoon Faire. Able to get a Nobles Deck from my guidie (technically, my brother able to get one from guildie for me) for 3,500 gold.

The last upgrade that i can foresee is a straight purchase of Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape with 50 Emblem of Frost. Sigh. 42 frost atm.

Trying to get as many random heroic run as possible to prepare some emblem to buy pvp gear, hopefully when Arena new season come in the coming weeks will allow emblem to purchase relentless  gear instead of the old Furious gear. Worst case scenario, blizz will allow emblem (triumph) for Furious gear, then i will have no choice but to grab some, so that i can have some mild resilience to protect my self from zofg faceroll comp in the coming arena.

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Old Memories – WODNET – Back in 2007/08

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Old Memories – Fishing Exploration@WODNET – Wednesday, June 18, 2008

December 26, 2009 2 comments

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Well, it started out as a normal fishing trip where we gathered at Ratchet for some fish. After almost like 2 hours, we get bored and Rathalos suggest to swim out to the sea to seek for some exploration.

3 of us swim out started to swim out the open ocean. Astonishingly, we found a sinking shipwreck somewhere not far from the shore. We then dive in and looking for any survivor in the ship. But it seems that skeleton also don’t have, the shark nearby must be very hungry.

Not far from the shipwreck, we found one of its cargo floating on the sea. Then we decided to do some fishing. A few minutes later, we decided to swim to one of the nearest island. There, we found a fishing community, and they are very friendly, the local tell me that they sell “ikan masin” there.

Not far from the fishing village, we found a big redundant ship there at port. Once inside the ship only we realize that it is a pirate ship and the pirate crew is at the nearby bar drinking bear. Since no body at the ship, we sneaked in and found several treasure chests. But we are unable to open these treasure chest, too bad, since we heard footsteps getting closer, and pirates are coming back to the ship, to avoid conflict, we flee from the ship.

Not too far from the ship, we found the possible legendary sea monster name “Isha awak”, weired name. Nonetheless, we kill the monster. After killing the monster we swam further and found a undersea cave. There are piranha there, scary. And we are being trapped inside the cave.

After some further exploration, we are escape to go up to the surface. It seems that the cave is the underwater entrance to a underground prison of some militia who used to occupy the place.
There is a deserted village nearby possibly which possibly could be the base of some terrorist. Meanwhile, we did found some clue on the identity of the terrorist group in one of the meeting room. From the imprint of the flag, we are quite confident that the base was once the gorilla place of the “Axe gang”. There are further evidence that it is a place of slaughter and interrogation of prisoner as we still can see slaughtering table covered with dry blood.

Soon, we are able to find an underground sewer which lead us to a room full with casket. Near the casket, we found the dead body of “Varian Wrynn” the King of Stormwind. The body is well preserve with some unknown alchemy. We concluded that the Axe gang terrorist is the organization who is responsible in breaking in and stealing the King tomb back in 1970’s when Hip hop just started. And the gang flee from the base in the hurry and abandon the King body. They seems to only take away the previous items which buried together with the King. We then decided that we should blown the place to allow the King and other spirit to rest in peace, hence we planted C4 at one of the support pillar outside the underwater cave.

Kaboom!!! We blown up the place to pieces and continue to do fishing. Before we go back to Shattrah City, we transform into Murloc and took a picture as to remember our exciting exploration.

Edit: on 18 April 2010 to include Slide show for the photo gallery.

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