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Arena #3rd week

After a tiresome 62 arena games, in 6 hours, we managed to improve our arena rating from 642 (previous week) to 1200. We have every belief that it can certainly go higher with more games under our belt, but unfortunately, we are too damm tired (arena till 5am in the morning) and have to call it quit for the day.Photobucket

Our nearest arena goal is to achieve 1250 rating, to allow the purchase of #Deadly Gladiator’s Idol of Tenacity for Bio (Biomehanika, my brother’s druid, my arena partner) Not far away, 1300 rating will allow us to access to Deadly level Gaunlet (hands) gear (Note: i am regret that i didn’t pick this gear up when i got the chance and required rating last season – Season 5).

I have respecced my character abit with 3 points into Deflection (Increase chance to parry by 3% and reduce duration of disarm by 50%) at the cost of 6% of stamina buff (3 points of Survivalist talent). This will allow me to enchant +110ap into my new staff

Our strategy this week involve heavily in cycloning the opposition and pressuring the others. The hunter will focus fire on one of the target, usually one with the ability to cast stuff (mana user – eg. priest, pally, shaman, mage); while the druid will cyclone or interupt the other foe. We have great success against the likes of the above class due to their reliance on casting,a nd scatter shot, silencing shot interupt proved to be too effective in certain situation and couping with the used of readiness (refresh all cooldown), it proved to be fatal.Photobucket

We have trouble usually fighting teams with DK/s and Warlock. DK is simply too overpower, they hit hard, they have good defensive abilities (AMS), high HP, they CC (Chain of ais) like no tommorow. Meanwhile Warlock, is more or less the counter comp to Hunter druid in my opinion, we have to kill down the lock pet, mostly twice just to have a chance of killing the lock. Alternatively, we may choose to focus damage the lock’s other half (mostly healer) but failure to do so, will see the lock freely doing damage and fear fear fear fear.

Also, one thing to note is the frustration on playing at certain arena maps. While i am beloved to play against dps/healer class on Ring of Valor map, the dalaran sewer is damm frustrating when the opposition plays uber defensive and keep hiding at the back of the crate. And we have no choice but to play defensive and long game.

We may have another go before the next arena cutoff (Tuesday), but until now, we are quite happy with the progression so far. With Bio able to purchase its 4th hateful gear (now only 3 hateful, 1 titanforged chest) and its hateful wrist (now using PVE), we should be able to do better at the next arena attempt.

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